When will life just slow down?

When will life just slow down?

That seems to be the most common phrase coming out of my mouth these days. Well, that and, “Can we just get married now?”. I am definitely not the most patient person some days, and tend to just want things to happen. Waiting and I don’t necessarily get along the greatest!

The past month or so between school, work, wedding planning, travelling, family reunion, grandfather’s funeral, and just trying to have my own life, it feels like things never slow down. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been good, but it’s been crazy busy. Maybe that’s why my blogging is so spread out and hardly happens.

The past couple months have been a whirlwind as I’ve been trying to do all that stuff and plan my wedding..well our wedding 🙂 Gotta admit though, having an incredible fiancé who wants to be hands on and take whatever weight off my back that he can, has been such a blessing. I definitely don’t feel like I’m planning this alone. It’s been a fun process, and as we see more and more things come together, the better I feel about it and the more I am able to start to breathe. As of today we have 89 days until the wedding..crazzzyyy! But like I constantly ask…”Can we just get married now?”. Waiting..not my strongpoint!

Over the May long weekend I was able to go with Tim up to Big River for a family reunion, which was really cool. It was great to get to spend some time with his family again and this time finally meet his brother, sister-in-law, and nephews. Such a great family. Things really started to sink in once they introduced me to his nephews as “Auntie Chrissy”. Talk about things changing!  It was definitely a weekend FULL of people! There were probably 60 people there– and I had only met 8 of them before. It was a lot of fun though, and a great way to meet family before the wedding.

Here’s a few shots of the weekend up there…

He got me out on the lake in a canoe…first time canoeing on a lake. Third time ever in a canoe. He was a brave one! Unknown to us, his uncle managed to catch us on camera too.

After two days home from the reunion, we got news that my mom’s father passed away(Wednesday night). He had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks, but had seemed to be improving. Over the past couple years it’s been hard watching his health decline, so we knew this was coming eventually, but the news still came as a shock and was a pretty big blow. It was at this time that I was SO thankful Tim and I had stopped in to visit with grandpa that weekend before. I was able to see him 5 days before he passed away, which was such a blessing.
My two days off work for YC were now turned into family and funeral time. We headed up to Saskatoon Friday and came back Monday. It was great to see the family, and for Tim to get to meet them all, but it was hard knowing what the reason behind our time together was. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but when you know that they are in a much better place, there is hope. My grandpa left an amazing legacy. 10 kids and 23 grandchildren, plus more great grandchildren. I love my grandpa and will never forget him. I had the pleasure of being able to put together the video tribute for the funeral, so I was able to spend Saturday going through old photos and discovering more about his life.
If you want to see, take a look…

Well, that’s all for now! Today is a Sunday at Rock Solid with my man and my boys.. a place I have grown to love! And tomorrow it’s back to work and wedding planning! Never slows down for me that’s for sure.

Until next time!


I had the best day with you today…

As usual life has been a bit of a whirlwind. That tends to happen to me..often. I have all these plans to get things done, then they get shoved aside. I guess this is where procrastination will bite me! Wedding planning takes a whole lot more than I pictured, and SO many decisions to make! Progress is now being made and the to do list is seeing items checked off!

Tim was down all week last week, which was great! We ended up taking Saturday to go away to Moose Jaw for the day. It was so nice just to go away with no agenda and relax together. Something that it’s so easy to forget to do. Being in Swift it always feels like I’m running around all over. Between work, school, youth, and planning a wedding, it’s easy for time to disappear!
We didn’t even do a whole lot in Moose Jaw but it was the best day! Not only was it relaxing but it was spent with my favourite person.

Here’s a little peak at our day….

Playing around with my camera on the drive up

Tim took the camera for a little..I guess I hardly ever have pictures done of myself.

There were some amusing squirrels in the park.

These are the moments when I am the happiest.

My favourite piece of jewelry

The weather was perfect and the park was beautiful.

I love this man ❤

Overall…great week! And I got my first ride on a motorbike. That was a thrill. He had a hard time getting me to come off of it I enjoyed it that much. Although, with Harley riding relatives, it has to be in the blood!
 It’s weeks like these that I am reminded of how thankful I need to be and how blessed I am to have the life that I do! I really have no reason to complain…I’ve got it good!

That’s all for now! I guess it’s time to stop procrastinating and go do that grocery shopping and apartment cleaning!

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this..

It’s once again been forever since a post, but it’s about time I got back to this. This last month has been one of changes, and a decision was made that will change my life forever.

Little did I know that a date my boyfriend and I were going on on March 3rd, would be one to change the course of our lives. After supper at Casey’s (my favourite restaurant), he made his way over to their grand piano, had me join  him, and began playing a song. And it was a great love song– Walking Her Home, by Mark Shultz(If you’ve never heard it I suggest you check it out!). Following the song he slipped back to our table to grab something, then when he returned I began to go into shock. This night that I thought was perfect and was saying to myself would be the perfect proposal scenario was actually about to become the perfect proposal. The next few moments were filled with shock and awe as he asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him and marry him. After sitting there jaw-dropped and in shock, I of course, said YES! (Only after asking him if this was for real) It all felt so surreal. I couldn’t believe what had just happened!  The rest of the night was filled with talking to people and sharing the news. And we slipped in a little bit of skating in there too to relax and have some more fun.


It’s been a whirlwind since then! So exciting, so much to do, lots to learn, yet all so great at the same time.

I feel like I’m really starting my life now. I thought I was starting my own life when I got a full-time permeant job in June, then when I moved into my own place over the summer, and now that I’m really spreading my wings and flying away from single life and living my life on my own and building that into a life with someone else, it feels like life is changing and I’m actually growing up.

As I was telling a friend of mine about my slacking on blogging and busy wedding planning she suggested I just blog a little bit about wedding plans or details or thoughts, and I’m thinking that my be a good idea. Be prepared for some wedding thoughts!

That’s all for now..but here’s just a few more photos..

My favourite piece of jewellery!

I couldn't be happier!

Chillin’ on a dirt road..

It has been way too long since I put a post up here! So much for my plan to make it regular. I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy and filled with excitement. Some things just get shoved over to the side for a bit.

This weekend I finally took the time to pull out my camera and go play around once again. It had been a while, so being out in the beautiful country and seeing the world through the lens of my camera was a great experience once again. It was great fun too to be able to cruise the country dirt roads with my boyfriend and share in this joy with him as well. Photography has become a big part of who I am and something I enjoy, so spending this lovely sunny afternoon with my favourite guy and my favourite hobby made for a perfect day. It was sunny, the sky was blue, the scenery was beautiful, and I was captivated.

Here’s a little bit from the afternoon…

I have an engagement shoot to do this winter, so I had to test out a shot idea..

We walked down through a bit of a coulee. Beautiful.

I had to take the lens off the scenery for a minute and turn it around 🙂

Found this old barn on our travels.

After checking this building out we have a good feeling this once may have been someones house.

In the middle of a meaningful conversation I spotted this off the road as we were driving, and let out a bit of a screech. I was pretty excited to discover this. Definitely the best find of the afternoon!

I guess that’s all I will put up for now. That’s just a sneak peek at what came out of the afternoon. There are definitely many more photos, as I tend to keep my finger on the button and continually snap. I love being able to find the beauty in the simplest things. It’s all about the beauty of simplicity. Take the time to appreciate the small things in life. Cherish the moment and find joy in all you do.

2011’s Top 10

It’s hard to believe a year has already come and gone! So much has happened in the last 365 days and there are so many things to be thankful for. It was full of several changes as well. I started a new position at work, went on a missions trip, moved out, became a student again, directed a musical, and made some amazing new friendships.

I decided I would try and narrow things down to the top 10 happenings of 2011..

1. New York City
As I spent this New Years Eve ringing in the new year with some friends and the Rock Solid crew, I couldn’t help but think of the time I spent in Times Square last year with dad, and how amazing that week in NYC was. That trip is one I will never forget. My first moments and days of 2011 were spent in this city. I also got to see my first Broadway Production, and experience that from orchestra seating. A definite highlight!

Confetti falling as the clock struck midnight in Times Square, ringing in the New Year

Dad stuck it out all night with me. We got out there around 4:30, and didn't make it back to the hotel until 1:00am.

So excited to have just seen the Lion King. Amazing!

2. Los Angeles Missions Trip
In late January I was asked if I would consider joining our youth missions trip to LA over the Easter Break. I hadn’t originally planned to go on this trip, but God has really placed it on my heart before I was asked, and knew this was a God thing.  It was an amazing week of serving, being stretched, growing as a team, individually as a leader, and being able to be there to help these amazing youth through the experiences.

The amazing group that I was able to spend a week with serving in Los Angeles.

The team with Sister Luz and the pastor after spending the afternoon doing a service in a parking lot and handing out food. She is an amazing lady and our lives were changed that day!

3. Grad 2011
My little sister graduated! It’s was hard to believe that 3 years ago that was me walking down the aisle to receive my diploma and getting all dressed up. Chantelle is an amazing girl, and I’m so glad to be able to call her my sister. She is so talented and her abilities constantly amaze me. It was exciting to be able to share in this day with her.

So proud of her.

She wanted her photos done in Cypress, so we went the weekend before grad and a good friend of hers took them. I took my camera along and had some fun second shooting. This is one of my own.

4. New Position at work:
I had been filling a temporary position at work for a year, which I was loving. After the year, the job ended up opening up for permanent applications. After an application and interview process, in the end I was the successful applicant. I officially became the Cashier/Clerk II, also known as, Aquatics Administrative Assistant.  It has been a lot of fun taking on this new role and being a part of the full time team at the Aquatic Centre. Last year was a lot of fun, as there were some great staff to work with.

Our full time staff for the summer. This was such a great group to get to work with!

Loved getting to open every morning with Branden. He helped make the workdays enjoyable!

5. Moved out and was blessed with a wonderful roommate!
I knew if I was going to be sticking around Swift, it would be about time for me to move out and finally live on my own. When friends of mine were moving out of their apartment, this looked like a great opportunity. The place was nice, the rent was good, and the landlord was great, so I made the quick decision to move. Not too long after moving in I got a call about a girl moving to Swift and needing a place to live. Turns out we had some mutual connections(small world!), so we met and agreed to give it a shot. Little did I know, that would be one of the best decisions! Allison moved in in September, and now,  I don’t know what I would do without her. She has been a wonderful roommate, and we have become more than just roomies, but are friends. I am so thankful for our friendship.

Our highlight of December-- putting up our Christmas tree.

6. Grand Opening of Rock Solid Refuge’s new facility:
For the past few years my dad has worked for an organization called Rock Solid Refuge(http://www.rocksolidrefuge.com) They deal with teen boys dealing with life controlling issues, such as drugs, alcohol, anger, theft, etc. The boys are in a year round program and take part in service projects, they have an independent school so they can continue their classes, as well as take part in other community activities. They have spent the last two years working to build  a new facility. September 17th we had the grand opening of the building with approx 200 people in attendance. A month or so after that the boys finally moved into the building, and are now running completely out of that building. They currently have 7 boys in their program, and will eventually have up to 16. With dad working for them, I have been able to become involved with things as well, and see these boys as more than just boys in a program, but as family. It’s like gaining 7 little brothers.

The front of the building and main entrance on the far left.

The crowd gathered around the back of the building for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Dad cutting his part of the ribbon.

7.  Trip to Winnipeg & Jenna’s Swift Current visit.
As Winnipeg is still a place I love, I wanted to make sure I made it out there at some point this last year. I didn’t make it there as much as I had wanted, it was only once this time. But the time I did get there was fantastic! I didn’t even do it alone this time! I took a friend, Kris, with me and we spent the weekend hanging out with Jenna & Cameron and some others. It felt great to finally be there again and get that quality time with Jenna. It wasn’t long after our trip up there, than Jenna made the treck down here for a few days! This was the first she has been down here for a visit, so it was great to host her in my place 🙂

Smoothie at the Forks with one of my favourite couples.

Our last night we all went for Crepes for supper. Soo good! Because of pictures we have from tour, Jenna and I had to do an eating picture.

Back in our home province and had to make a stop at the sign. You've gotta spice up a long drive somehow!

The day Jenna got here we went out for a Rock Solid graduation, so she was even able to see that part of my life in the short time she was here.

And as always, we did a photo shoot. This was the ending of it.

8. Ulrich Reunion/Grandparents 80th Birthday
This summer the entire Ulrich clan gathered in Waldheim for a family reunion to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma’s 80th birthday. All of the siblings were there, and a lot of the cousins were too. It was great to reconnect with family. With it being such a huge family living across the country, it’s not very often everyone is actually together and in the same place.

Grandpa and Grandma with their birthday cake's that my Auntie Ava decorated and designed, portraying parts of their lives.

Grandpa praying for all of the grandchildren. There was still a good number of them missing too.

I couldn't end the weekend and not get a photo with Grandpa and Grandma.

9. Got in touch with the creativity lurking within me….
I have gained a love for photography over the years, and this year was really able to put that to use. I did more photography and video editing. I was able to do a lot of shooting in LA with the youth, then edited and designed a video to summarize the trip. I also had the chance to shoot and develop a Promo Video for Rock Solid Refuge which was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Many other chances to shoot activites came up too, which I took full advantage of. Besides the media creativity, I was also given the chance to direct the Children’s Christmas Musical for our church this year, which was a huge undertaking! It was a long couple months, but a great experience! I was so proud of the kids 🙂

Downtown Los Angeles

I love getting to shoot people more than anything

This one has become a favourite

I had the thrill of shooting at the Motocross race this fall. This was a blast!

And the race is on..

One of our youth races so it was fun to be able to watch him in action and take some photos.

The main part of the set for the musical I directed, "The Great Christmas Giveaway". This set was designed by my mom. Photo quality isn't the best, as it's just from the iPhone.

10. New Friendships.
“Life without friendship is like the sky without sun”
2011 brought some new people into my life. New friends always mean new things. And not just new things, but great things. I made friendships I would never have expected and experienced things I didn’t think I would experience. It’s all added up to make this year a great year. To name a few…

Melissa! You know those friends where you haven't been friends for long, but yet it still feels like you have because you are that close and connected? Yeah, that would be Melissa.

Jill-- another lovely lady I met this year. She is a fabulous cook and has provided me with supper and cookies a few times!

Janelle! She lived at mom and dad's for a few months off and on when she was in the area. So we got to be sisters! We had some fun with photo booth one night.

Tim-- another friend of mine that is new this year! We went out with my sister Christmas eve and counted down to Christmas at a house that had a countdown. I love spicing up life with the random little things 🙂

And that wraps up the top 10 of 2011! I guess each number was slightly expanded, but it still is wrapped up in 10 things.
It was such a great year filled with many new experiences and blessings. It certainly had it’s ups and downs, but that is just bound to happen in life. I am so thankful for everything that occurred and everyone that was a part of shaping these last 365 days.
I am excited to see what God now has in store for me in 2012. I’m ready and waiting for it to come my way!

In closing, I will leave you with this. Allison posted this on Facebook today and it is a great encouragement and goal..

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It’s hard to believe that a year has come and gone already. This time last year we were rushing around, cleaning the house, packing, watching the news about the crazy news on the snow storms in NYC, and preparing to leave for our family Christmas/New Years trip to the Big Apple. The trip there was incredible! I would go back in a heart beat if I could.
This year has been completely different. It’s been spent at home with family and friends, relaxing and just being together. Sure it’s no New York, but being able to spend good quality time with family and relaxing at mom and dad’s has been amazing. I have never experienced a Christmas like this, where we can sit and relax at home and I have loved every minute of it. There’s usually something of some sort going on. We’ have had some added company this year, but they have been like family, and it’s no different than if it were just the 4 of us. In all honesty, it’s actually been better. I can’t complain one bit about anything right now.
It really makes you look at what you have a realize how grateful you are. Looking back a lot has happened. Come January 1st I’ll maybe supply a list of things I am thankful for.

Today though,I am thankful to be able to serve a great God. My Saviour, my Strength. It’s because of Him that I am where I am and am able to experience the things that I do. Everything from youth ministry, travelling, work opportunities, schooling, and new friends.

I’m just thankful, and so glad to be able to spend this Christmas with some amazing people remembering why we celebrate this great season. Yes, I got some great gifts this morning, and one thing that I really wanted and didn’t expect to get(thanks mom and dad!), but I could have gone without the gifts. I would have been just as happy to be able to sit around and spend that time sharing with the people that I love.

Take this time this holiday season to really be thankful for what you have and where you are at. Cherish each waking moment and don’t take a single second for granted.

Here’s a few moments of Christmas fun this season:

My roomie and I set up our Christmas tree in the middle of December. It became my favourite part of our place.

O Christmas Tree


I took mom and dad up to Holiday Festival on Ice..what an amazing show!


Senior High Christmas Banquet--with some of my lovely youth ladies.

How are you?

How are you?
Now this is a question we all hear every day. I can’t even count how many times I am asked this and then ask it in return in one day. Working in customer service it’s a daily phrase. You eventually get in the routine of answering, “I’m good”, or “not too bad” every time it’s asked. No one really cares about how you actually are, it’s just asked out of courtesy, and a way to start conversation. We get so used to answering it with the quick easy answer. I too fall into this category.

It’s not very often that we come across people who ask that question and really care how you are doing. And those are the times we are caught of guard, because we may really not be okay, but didn’t want anyone to know that. Those are the times when it becomes harder to hide it and wear a mask. It’s no longer so easy to cover up the not so good with an “I’m alright”.  Then once we drop the mask, it’s like we break, and the embarrassment of being real with someone and letting them know how we actually are sinks in. This world we live in has made it so much easier and more convenient for everyone to be fake and put on a show.

Another interesting fact I’ve come to realize…
Church is the place where we can come as we are, bruised, broken, and even “not alright”. We can be accepted just as we are, and shouldn’t need to put on a front. Yet it can be come a place where we may feel we should be our strongest. When you get really involved and feel like a lot of people know you and are counting on you, you start to feel like you need to be the strong one and you can’t fall down. Therefore the “fall down” days make you feel like you are failing someone. Really those fall downs, should be the falling down at the foot of the cross, and the feet of Jesus, giving it all up in surrender. Being willing to admit “I can’t do this on my own”, because that’s okay. We weren’t created to do these things on our own. He is the one that’s there to carry us, and be our “footprints in the sand”.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to be real.  It’s okay not to be perfect and “have it all together”. And it’s okay to admit that you really aren’t okay.

So next time you ask someone, “how are you?”, do you care enough to ask, “how are you really doing?”, or are we all going to keep sticking to the surface and acting as if everything and every day is peachy keen?

Something to think about..